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About Sonia

I am a social impact entrepreneur, founder of GrootTravels, a travel platform that makes it easy for people with physical disabilities to explore the world. As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of traveling with a disability, I am passionate about creating more accessible and inclusive travel experiences for everyone.

In addition to my work with GrootTravels, I am also a public speaker on diversity and inclusion, with a focus on representation. Through my speeches and workshops, I aim to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to create more diverse and inclusive environments, where everyone feels valued and respected.

I believe that social impact entrepreneurship and advocacy are powerful tools for creating positive change in the world, and I am dedicated to using my skills and experiences to make a difference. Thank you for visiting my website, and I look forward to connecting with you!

Introducing GrootTravels

GrootTravels is an online travel platform that helps people with physical disabilities and caregivers to see the world. 

Sonia started GrootTravels because of her experiences with accessible travel. Her mom Sheila uses a wheelchair to move around, which meant whenever they went on vacation they needed a wheelchair accessible room. Unfortunately most of their travel experiences consisted of broken promises, discrimination and insufficient accessibility. To solve this Sonia decided to create a travel platform that only focuses on accessible travel. 

Sonia Her Philosophy



The values I have chosen for my brand are authenticity, determination and passion. These values were not chosen at random, these values were actually what others admired or valued in me and looking at how I lead myself in life, I could really resonate with them, that is why I have chosen to also make these the core values of my personal brand



Like I mentioned before, I truly believe that entrepreneurship and advocacy are the best tools to create positive change in this world, by sharing my story and experiences I hope to inspire other people to take that step to also want to make a positive change, in their own lives and/ or professionally.



A world where every individual, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic status, has equal access to opportunities, resources, and representation.



To empower and uplift through innovative solutions, education, and advocacy.

Let's Work Together

Keynote Speaker

I have been an entrepreneur since 2018 and in these years I have gathered so many learnings, that is very interesting to share on stage. From my why to where I am today.

Workshop Facilitator

What is inclusivity and how can you use it to future proof your organisation? In this workshop I will explain the principles, explain what inclusivity can do for your organisation and how you can make a step to a more inclusive organisation through easy to apply step, simple put, after this workshop, you can start the next day to make a change!

Guest Lecture

Value driven Entrepreneurship, what are your values and how do they influence your entrepreneurship, learn from my story and get concrete steps on how to find your values and how to make them part of the DNA of your company


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